Sunday, March 20, 2011

About Us

Leanne Morphet has an undergraduate degree in electrical and computer engineering, and a master's in engineering management. Her current research areas have been in application of technologies to those with special needs, particularly on assistive technologies to those on the spectrum. Her activities include supporting families with children with an ASD through various advocacy projects.

Dr. Steven Morphet is a research scientist whose research areas include machine learning and artificial intelligence. He received his PhD from Syracuse University in 2004 where he was awarded the All-University Doctoral Prize for prestigious dissertation. His current research is on the application of these technologies in the area of speech synthesis. He is the Technology Alliance of Central New York's Technologist of the Year for 2010 and was recently inducted into the 2011 Who's Who of Americans.

Steven and Leanne are proud parents to 2 children, one who has an autism spectrum disorder.


Anonymous said...

I love your list of ASD APPS! GREAT WORK!!!!
I look forward to new apps being posted. I just downloaded one for my son who is also on the spectrum called All About Me. My son knows his name and address, but not his birthday and now we are working on it with this app, the cool part is we put a picture of him at his own party (from last year) so he has the visual along with the text to see his birthday. Oh, maybe you already have this app on your list, I should have checked. If not, it is worth taking a look at it. Have a great day and thanks for taking the time to do this blog! As a parent of two myself, I know how precious time is!!! Kathy Lyons

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