Monday, March 21, 2011


Touchscreen technology has been around since the early 1970's. It has evolved from kiosks in airport
terminals to PDAs with styluses. It's current iteration has brought it to the home user in the form of smart phones and tablet PCs. Most popular, has been the iPad.

The iPad was first made available for sale in April 2010. It became an instant phenomenon, as many Apple products do, to it's typical audience. However, the new form factor as compared to it's iPhone model, quickly was being received by one set of the population as being different. The iPad's larger screen has made this a particularly useful technology for many of those with special needs, and probably most obviously with those with autism.

Other manufacturers have realized the success of this product and have now put out competing technologies that are, at least initially, being well received. We hope to one day evaluate these models for our audience, but have had minimal exposure at this point, so our first entrance into touch tablet technology and those with an ASD will be geared specifically toward the iPad.

We hope to present a series of presentations for all of the various interested parties out there - teachers, therapists, administrators, coordinators, social workers, parents, technologists and the students themselves! We hope that we can intrigue those who have no experience with this technology and bring new ideas to those old pros out there. We look forward to your feedback on how we can make this a valuable experience to all, especially those special students out there who may finally get the chance to show what they are really made of!


Anonymous said...

Love the ipad and am amazed at how quickly my 13 year old autistic son figured it out! It's an age appropriate tool and less obtrusive than his PECS book (picture symbols with velcro) and more portable than his dynavox (communication device +/- 7 pounds). Will you be creating an e-mailing list serve for upcoming presentations?

Anonymous said...

I tried to use your link on the right to find apps and it sends me to a spreadsheet, but I can't see any actual app titles. Just categories.

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