Thursday, December 29, 2011

Additional sale items

Hiding Hannah This app is available through
and the

AmazonApp store
From tomorrow through Monday, the developer will be dropping the price of Hiding Hannah to 99 cents, and 25% of all proceeds will go to A4CWSN.

Brain Parade stated they will be reducing the price See.Touch.Learn.™ Pro 2012 to $19.99 and dropping the price of all libraries in See.Touch.Learn.™ to $0.99 US Dec 30th through Jan 1st. 15% of profits during this period will be donated to A4CWSN.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Temporarily Free and Reduced Price Apps

Temporarily Free and Reduced Price Apps
from iTeach Special Education facebook group contributors

Morgan Kolis


Spot the Farm Animal is FREE!

Counting Coins is FREE!

Counting Bills & Coins is FREE!

Clean Up: Category Sorting is FREE!

Families 1 by MyFirstApp is FREE!

Touch and Learn: Emotions is FREE!

Fill the Cup (math games) is FREE!

Adding Apples is FREE (get the iPhone version).

MathTappers:ClockMaster is FREE!

ABA Flashcards & Games: Emotions is FREE!

Human Body Puzzles for Kids is FREE!

Spell-A-Word is FREE (from $29.99).

Count Candy- Learn Letters and Numbers is FREE.

Let's Name Things Fun Deck is FREE (from $5.99)

Fingerprint Play Maker is FREE.

The Velveteen Rabbit HD is FREE.


Grace App normally $37.99 now in sale for $24.99

iTouchiLearn Feelings 1/2 off NOW $0.99

The Monster at the End of This Book is still $.99 through Jan. 1st!

Another Monster at the End of This Book is also still $.99 through Jan. 1st.

Wood Puzzle HD is $.99 (from $1.99).

Book Puzzle - Emma in Africa is on sale for $.99 (from $2.99).

My Underwear is on sale for $.99 (from $2.99). (One of my daughter's favorites)

TeachMe: Kindergarten is on sale for $.99.

ABC Magnetic Alphabet is on sale for $1.99.

TeachMe: 1st Grade is on sale for $.99.

What's That Sound? Learning to Listen and Identify Sounds is $.99.

Write On is on sale for $1.99.

Note Worthy

My PlayHome is $2.99.

Counting with the Very Hungry Caterpillar is $2.99.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Podcasts for Autism Related Topics

Another use for that iOS device that could be useful to your child with autism are information resources via podcasts (webcasts). Podcasts are online prerecord media either audio or video that are non-streamed -meaning that there is a repository or library of them to choose from. These podcasts can be played through your iOS device as well as other typical hardware such as a laptop.

There are a few podcasts series that may be of particular use to those with or working with those with autism.

One such podcast series is, Free, iTunes link.

However - there are more!

LinkOne great resource for such podcasts is another blog much like this one called:
and their companion website

Much like this group, the founders of this website are parents to a child with special needs.
From their About Us on their webpage:
"Michael Boll , is the father of an ten -year old boy on the autism spectrum. A fifteen-year, certified classroom teacher, Michael decided to take some time off from his career to create and implement a home program that compliments his son’s school program. After two enjoyable years, Michael is back in the classroom. He teaches at Concordia International School, Shanghai, China. His son is now attending a school for kids with special needs in Shanghai. Michael’s wife, Lori, works at that school."

Their website has podcasts on autism - including information useful for those with adults on the spectrum.

Check it out!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Carrier IQ and iOS Devices

You may have seen news on something called Carrier IQ in the news.

Carrier IQ makes software found on many smartphones and tablet devices, including iOS devices. The company has been accused of creating software that violates privacy/wiretap laws by allowing personal information of users to be sent to carriers. Of the most serious accusation is that it allows logging key strokes. It is contested that key stroke information is recorded, however, they have acknowledged that the software can report what applications are being used and what URLs are visited. This data does not get reported to Carrier IQ, rather to the carriers who use it - such as AT&T and Sprint. In all likelihood, this information is used as described: to "measure and summarize performance of the device to assist Operators in delivering better service". However, there are still those who may be uncomfortable with this.

Apple has indicated that Carrier IQ software is not used in the latest iOS 5 on most devices. There are significant researchers and security experts who say that the Carrier IQ reports are for those iOS devices that are 3/4G enabled and in general that the reports have been mostly exaggerations.

For those who might have still have concerns about this - there is a way to turn off sending diagnostic information for your iOS device :

  • Select Settings app.
  • Select General tab.
  • Go to the About section.
  • Tap on Diagnostics & Usage.
  • Select the “Don’t send” option.