Thursday, December 8, 2011

Podcasts for Autism Related Topics

Another use for that iOS device that could be useful to your child with autism are information resources via podcasts (webcasts). Podcasts are online prerecord media either audio or video that are non-streamed -meaning that there is a repository or library of them to choose from. These podcasts can be played through your iOS device as well as other typical hardware such as a laptop.

There are a few podcasts series that may be of particular use to those with or working with those with autism.

One such podcast series is, Free, iTunes link.

However - there are more!

LinkOne great resource for such podcasts is another blog much like this one called:
and their companion website

Much like this group, the founders of this website are parents to a child with special needs.
From their About Us on their webpage:
"Michael Boll , is the father of an ten -year old boy on the autism spectrum. A fifteen-year, certified classroom teacher, Michael decided to take some time off from his career to create and implement a home program that compliments his son’s school program. After two enjoyable years, Michael is back in the classroom. He teaches at Concordia International School, Shanghai, China. His son is now attending a school for kids with special needs in Shanghai. Michael’s wife, Lori, works at that school."

Their website has podcasts on autism - including information useful for those with adults on the spectrum.

Check it out!


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