Saturday, March 19, 2011

Presentation 1 Synopsis : iPad 101

We will begin our exploration of touch screen technology concentrating on the iPad.
It's cool, it's new, it's easy, it's iPad. It also can promote language and communication, develop fine motor abilities, teach academics, and create a bridge to developing social skills. iPad 101 will cover how this technology, and others like it, can be one of the best resources your child can have. In this presentation, we will cover available models and how to choose which one to meet your needs, features and setup, and safety and behavior. But let's not forget the apps! We will provide a roadmap to the 65,000 apps on the iPad, offer suggestions on how to look for apps, and even provide an overview of some of the top apps that work for our children with ASD. For those who don't have an iPad - there will be iPads available preloaded with some really excellent apps for you to interact with and see what the new craze in the ASD world is all about. Please join us as we look forward to exploring how this new technology can make a difference in a child's life.

Teachers, therapists, coordinators, parents - we hope you all join us in this journey to see what this technology can help show our children can do!


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