Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Few Pitfalls to Avoid

Inappropriate apps
Check apps for appropriateness e.g. avoid apps with violence - review an app before allowing a child to use it

Multiple iTunes accounts /Multiple base computers
Recommend creating one iTunes account for the family and apps can be shared across all devices on that account. Syncing to multiple base computers is generally not a good idea. Just trust me on this one.

Insomnia apps
A few apps out there we have found linger and don't allow the iPad to go into it's normal sleep mode. Check that things do close down properly.

Siblings or peers could be jealous that your ASD child has one and they don't. Come up with social rules make sure sharing and turn taking are defined and explained. You may want to come up with some particular rules for classroom do's and don'ts. Make sure and give consequences for rule violations!

Usually stimming occurs on a child's desire for one particular app. Take the app off. Expect a possible new behavior to take the stims place - a tantrum. Stay strong! Keep it off! You can always reload it later when the child is not expressing an problem behavior and limit the amount of time your child is exposed.

Antisocial behavior
It's best to not allow a child to retreat into their room with the iPad. We recommend for those users who are in autonomous mode to operate the iPad in the family environment as much as possible (e.g. kitchen or family room). Come up with what you believe is an appropriate amount of time the child can use the iPad and let the children know. ("OK - when the timer goes off - it is time to put the iPad away.")

It is best to be a part of at least some of the use of the iPad with your child - get yourself involved by either narrating what your child is doing when using or download a multiplayer app and play with them!


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