Sunday, October 30, 2011

Commentary on the 60 Minutes Report

There has been some dialogue and commentary about the report that 60 minutes did on the use of the iPad with people with autism. One of the issues include using insensitive or inappropriate language when describing the people affected with autism and their symptoms. The other prevailing theme seems to be the lack of recognition of other devices, particularly touch tablet technology designed for special needs, that preceded and continue to be used. And lastly, one of the most common sticking points seems to be that this is a tool - and should not be seen as something more. Very valid points to be made and I am sharing three blogposts for our readers to check out.

A speech pathologist blogs at about the iPad report - check to read here.

An Assistive Technology Specialist M. Ed gives her take on the report here.

Some remarks from a mother can be found here.

One thing is certain - it brought some interest to those with special needs and the use of assistive technology.


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