Monday, August 27, 2012

Give Speech Foundation: FREE AAC App


 This new organization is dedicated to providing affordable assistive technology to people who are nonverbal.  Their founders have fantastic technical credentials and a great background as some have worked at the Yale Child Study Center with some of the top autism researchers in the world.  One founder has a sibling with autism who is non-verbal who uses the product. 

 Their flagship software, FreeSpeech, is an AAC app that can be used to assist those with communication difficulties.  A great entry software for those looking to get started with AAC - this app allows you to customize it by taking your own pictures and recording your own voice.  Much like Boardmaker share, this app intends to allow you to share your creations with others in a unique online community.

 We love this concept!  Check it out
  iTunes Link
** Please note  iOS 5.1 is required for this app


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