Sunday, January 29, 2012

ACT QUICKLY!!! Temporary Price Reduction

The software development company EsenaSoft has temporarily reduced it's price on several of their apps until the morning of January 30, 2011. Some of the apps are educational in basis and some appear to be entertainment. Here is a partial list of apps you might want to check out during their sale:

Pamela Possum Goes To Letter Land iTunes Link

Sammy Squirrel Battles the Alphabet Robots iTunes Link

Pamela Possum is Counting in Paris iTunes Link

Sammy Squirrel and the Haunted Numbers iTunes Link

Sammy Squirrel Flies Away In Shape Rocket iTunes Link

US Presidents (Match'Em Up History and Geography) iTunes Link

For more temporarily free listings, search on EnsenaSoft in iTunes for 59 different offerings they have. But act quickly - this event is said to be over the morning of Monday Jan 30!


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