Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Amazon will release tablet Sept 28th

Amazon is expected to release it's tablet (or should I say tablets) Wednesday, and analysts believe this could be the tablet that is an actual challenge to Apple's hot commodity. Little is known about the tablet, but reputable publications like the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Report are reporting that this could be the one that cuts into the stronghold that Apple has had on this market.

The tablet is expected to be a multi-touch tablet running an Android platform and will have an Amazon app store. One rumor hints that it will not have a camera, but another says there could be free 3G. Price is expected to draw attention - some say (or should I say hope?) that it will be under $300. Other rumors contend that only a 7 inch model will come out tomorrow and a 10 inch next year. So much to anticipate for something not expected to be available until November!

If the 10" pad does indeed get released tomorrow, there will be media attention for sure. As formidable an opponent this tablet may be in the general market, the verdict will likely remain out for our interests. App availability and accessibility options on the OS are likely going to be limited as compared to the iPad for our special kids. We will keep an eye out and report and as always, we would love to hear your opinions.


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